Who am I?

My name is Christopher Severino and I am currently in a  Software Developer with a passion for Gaming and Creativity.


I am looking to broaden my skills and knowledge with a focus more towards software lifecycle development for the gaming industry.

The position I am in at my current company has provided me with experience working on a software development team that helped me strengthen skills that I acquired from my education at Full Sail University. I have been on two different teams at my time with my current company. The first team I was able to experience the full project lifecycle gaining experience on a full project kick-off, through development, testing and client review. The second team I joined was towards the end of the project lifecycle and I was able to utilize the skills learned from the last project to ensure the transition went smoothly and successfully.


My college education at Full Sail University provided me a unique opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed in the Gaming Development Industry.  It is built around real-world project-based work in a professional environment which took me through the entire game development lifecycle; exposing me to classes providing the necessary skills needed to understand Game Development from pre-production through to finished product.  I have had project experience through this program writing code for 3D Graphic Display, Multiplayer gaming, Artificially Intelligent opponents and real-time virtual environments; all building up to developing a final Game Project with a team of Designers and Developers working together emulating the Development Studio Experience led by a Producer guiding the overall Project.


  • C++
  • C#
  • HLSL
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Matrix and Vector Math


  • Visual Studio
  • Git
  • Git Kraken
  • Maya
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Unity
  • DirectX
  • MySQL


Passion Projects





Dungeons | Discord MMO

Dungeons is a text/idle game that is played inside Discord. It was originally made by streamer BoxBox and his team but after their initial release they decided to revamp the systems and bring on a new team. The concept of Dungeon is simple: start a dungeon, fight through 3 waves of enemies and then collect the rewards. The goal is to clear as many floors of the dungeons as possible before the cycle ends. A cycle lasts 2 weeks and then the following week starts a new cycle where players get reset and start again.


  • Designed 50+ with unique enemies
  • Designed new items for players to use
  • Designed a tournament format that would be held at the end of each cycle
  • Designed a marketplace that players can use to trade items
  • Produced design documents for concept requests from Project Team
  • Made a design document that covered the format of how a tournament ran
  • Created a design document to keep track of all enemy mechanics
  • Created a design document that followed the flow of how the market would work on paper
  • Worked with Team Lead to plan out Team meetings to ensure we had weekly updates to maintain delivery timelines and commitments
  • Communicated with the developers and created documents to ensure the developers were able to write the code for the designs I created




To the moon

To the Moon is a 3rd person space dogfighting game. The objective of the game is to take out enemy star fighters and collect credits to upgrade your ship to be the strongest. The game also has a competitive multiplayer that puts your skills to the test against other players and lets you track your key stats throughout your game time. 

File i/o for save data

Save data is a super important part of all games. I designed a save data manager for the player that saves out key customization options and unlocks the player acquired. I also built a manager that saves the players stats from the multiplayer side of the game so the player can continuously keep track of their gameplay stats. 


weapons system

I collaborated with a team member to build a baseline for the weapon system in our game. The goal was to use inheritance to make it easy to make weapons on the fly. Since we used inheritance when you created a new weapon all you had to do in the script was tell the weapon how it will shoot in single player or multiplayer.  A notable weapon I built was the missiles with their targeting function

Passion for Gaming

At a young age I was introduced to gaming and from that point on it keeps bringing new stories into my life. Starting with single player games like Pokemon or Halo and now playing games like League of Legends. Being able to play through these games and watch them evolve and grow over the years is something I want to bring to other people.

graphic project

The goal of this project was to get comfortable with Direct X and learn how to render different objects in the scene. Along with rendering objects I worked with HLSL Shaders to apply different lighting techniques to the scene.


hlsl shader

I worked with HLSL Shaders to build a shader for a skybox. For the skybox I had to change settings of the render to properly line up the skybox the right way. Along with the sky box I helped build lighting shaders for directional, point, spot, and specular.

Working with a Team

Working with a team has taught me many skills that will be useful in the industry. Being able to work on a project with a team helps build a better understanding of working with different code bases with multiple people working on it. Working with multiple people also showed me the struggle of merging work and having to work through those issues.

light swinger

Light Swinger is a 2D side scrolling platformer with the goal of escaping the temple you just robbed and outrunning the darkness. Throughout the game you will use the grapple gun you acquired in the temple to swing your way through the levels and dodge enemies.


My main focus in the game was the grapple gun physics and the player gameplay. The gameplay for the player had to feel fluent and fun so I spent time working on movement and the gun physics. With the gun physics I applied checks to see if the player travels too far and applied the right motion to the player’s movement while swinging.


grapple in action